A Glass Bottle As Your Wedding Invitation

Normally a wedding invitation is regarded as an invitation card, which is a printed material. And designers are usually working at the graphics on the card. However, there is a possibility that we treat the wedding invitation as a three dimensional product so that it will no longer be a flat sheet of paper.

On of the ideas of this kind of three dimensional wedding invitation is a glass bottle invitation. This notion of glass bottle in fact perfectly fits a beach wedding theme. You can put some sand from the beach you are going to hold your wedding into the bottle. Other ingredients such as small shells can also be used to decorate your glass bottle invitation. In this case you will only need to print a simple piece of paper containing the details of your wedding. This piece of information paper should not be a fancy one otherwise it may overwhelm the power of the glass bottle, in terms of design.

Another interesting application of the idea of glass bottle invitation is that you can express every detail in your lives using the bottle. For example, if you are going to invite 300 guests. You can start collecting bottles 300 days before you send the wedding invitation. In a morning you keep the glass bottle of milk for your breakfast. The other day you may keep another bottle when you finish a bottle of red wine.

After you have collected all these bottles, you can print the information of your wedding on pieces of elegant paper and put them in the bottles. Every guest will be receiving a different bottle. And each bottle signifies your lives within these 300 days before your wedding.

If you are going to adapt this idea of glass bottle wedding invitation, you have to think of some practical issues. Firstly a glass bottle can be a lot heavier than a normal invitation card, this may make the postage cost higher than you expect. You should ask for the rates of postage well before you make the decision.

Besides, there is no doubt that glass products are something that can be easily broken. You will need to pay extra attention to the package of the invitation before mailing them out. It will be a pity if any of your guests receive some broken bottles. Of course there will be less problematic if you are going to send the invitations to most of your guests personally but that will certainly take you some time and money to do that.

If you would like to ease the problem of broken glass bottles, you may also consider using plastic bottle as substitutes. Some companies offer such bottles with a lower price than glass bottles. You can certainly save some money by using plastic bottles. It is on one hand cheaper than glass bottles and on the other hand lighter so that the cost of postage will be lower. However, if budget is not a problem to you, I will still suggest you to use glass bottles since the texture of a glass bottle is a lot different from a plastic one.