The Pursuit Of Life

Happiness door should rely on our own sounds.

“When people can not do something, they’ll tell you that you will also not do.” When Chris Gardner uttered these words, he was with his son in a basketball court. At this time he is facing bankruptcy and his wifes leaving test, but he still speak out these words, not just to the exposure of human nature, but also encourage himself. Give up, complain, decadent…these words are very easy to make the hero sink, as long as the eyes closed and no matter what may happen. But he is still alive. There is a five-year son to take care of; he must be desperate in order to livelihoods to continue and fight against fate.

This film is adapted from the well-known U.S. investment black expert Chris Ghanas autobiography The Pursuit of Happiness with the same name. They are real events. Chris Gardner uses the facts to prove that how a black become a well-known investment expert from the one who can not solve the food and clothing. This example tells people that success is to rely on them to fight for it. This film is an inspirational film. The hero has already given us a successful advanced map: when he saw the securities manager Jay Twistle drove a red Ferrari, he asked: You may park your car in my space available, but I want you to answer two questions: What do you do and how to do? This sentence is not Chris Gardners fed plugging intentionally interrupt. What he does has proved the so more popular testament of the success law: to copy success! The film has proved that Chris Gardner with his own efforts has copied the success of the Jay Twistle, and ultimately beyond his.

In fact, the film is also helpful for the unemployed. Chris Gardners skills used in the recruitment are a very valuable experience. Faced with mountains of resumes, simply by filling out a resume to get an internship opportunity and is only a high school education is difficult to win. This is predictable results. Therefore, Chris Gardner used another method. He knew to wait will be only miss the opportunities. He must rely on actions to prove his qualified for the job. He’s waiting in front of Jay Twistles door for a month. Culminating in a shared ride of the process, he spent less than half an hour to complete the digital Rubik’s Cube. In the surprised face of Jay Twistle, he knows that he has impressed him. The subsequent processes are carried out according to plan. Of course, that he was in police custody was an accident. But it is just this accident that has a wonderful interview in the later dialogue:

Martin: “If I hired the person who is coming but not wearing a shirt, how would you say?”
Chris Gardner: “He must be wearing a pair of nice pants.”

Do not underestimate this phrase dialogue, which is full of wisdom and strain techniques, and which proved Chris Gardner has a very clear mind. Only after this, there is a well-known investment expert.